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We love our vendors.

How to Become a Vendor

Are you thinking about selling your produce or products at the Farmers’ Market?  It’s easy, with just a few guidelines to meet…

1) We are a Kentucky Proud market, meaning that all products sold at the Inside or Outside Market are raised, grown or processed in Kentucky. (

2) As a vendor you are responsible for knowing if your product meets the requirements found within the Kentucky Farmers’ Market Manual and Resource Guide (>marketing>documents). If you prefer, you can pick up a printed manual inside the Market.

3) Once you know that your product meets the KY Proud and Farmers’ Market Manual requirements, simply choose to be an indoor or outdoor (or both) vendor, complete this Vendor Application (application below) and submit, then stop by the Farmers’ Market with your payment. 



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*Please note: If you make baked goods, jams, pickles, etc., you MUST grow a portion of the ingredients used in the product as per the Kentucky Farmers' Market Manual and Resource Guide.
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